• To offer thorough understanding about Injection Moulding Machine System - Safety, Injection Unit Maintenance, Screw & Barrel Maintenance, Clamping Unit Maintenance, Hydraulic System Maintenance & Electrical System Maintenance.
  • To keep your employees fit for the current Injection Moulding Challenges.
  • To achieve Optimal Utilization of the existing Injection Moulding Machine in your plant..
  • To have Increased Reliability, Productivity and Uptime for your Injection Molding Machine.
  • To prevent Obsolescence & support Personal Growth by Motivation to your employees.

  •  Longer Life of Machinery & Mould.

  •   Knowledgeable, Multi-Skilled & Competent Manpower having Complete Machine Control.

  •  Motivated Employees.

  •  Preventive Maintenance & Enhanced Productivity.

  •  Advanced Troubleshooting Skills.



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  •  Basics of Molding Machine

  •  Basics of Hydraulics

  •  Inside of Molding Machine



  • Assembly & Testing of Machine.
  • Understanding of Circuits.
  • Identification of M/c Parts & PLC Understanding.